Animal Rights Should Be Respected

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The ongoing issue of animal rights is still very prevalent in our society today. Ever since issues concerning animal rights have sprang up, it seems like they still can’t go away for some reason. While we have made great strides over the years in regards to respecting rights of animals, we still have a long way to go before these issues are fully solved. Animals, no less than humans, have a right to life, and so should not be killed. In my support of animal rights, I will first start off by talking about what animal rights issues entail, and then I will go into my argument about why animal rights should be respected from a utilitarian perspective (specifically rule utilitarianism). Finally, I will then bring up some arguments being made against animal rights and reply to those. The concept of animal rights is considered an ethical issue because there is widespread disagreement as to whether they should be respected or not. The Oxford Dictionary of Politics says the following about animal rights: “The claim that animals have rights reflects a belief that (at least some) animals are worthy of the protection and security afforded by a set of politically enforced rights.” (Humphrey, 2009) The belief for these rights can be looked at from a utilitarian perspective, on the basis that “a) animals can feel pleasure and suffer pain, (b) the world is a better place if animals do not suffer unnecessarily, and (c) such unnecessary suffering is best avoided through the

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