Animal Rights : The Wolf Pack

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Animal Rights
Animals deserve their rights because they are living, breathing, and capable of feeling just like human beings. Animals are vital to sustain our ecosystem and the effects of the mismanagement in the commercial and gaming industries further devastate our environment.
The wolf species, a top predator in the environmental ecosystem, naturally balances the animal population in our landscapes and, the order of the wolf pack is much like the order of the human species family unit. The social order of the wolf pack parallels to that of the human species in that the alpha male and alpha female keep order among the pack and work in harmony to cooperate in their roles to sustain the pack. Likewise, the male and female roles in the human species family unit maintain order and harmony to sustain the family emotionally, physically, and mentally. Much like the humans, the wolves’ attitude is a constant visualization of success whereby the term “work hard, play hard” is their way of life. In the wolf pack, when a wise adult wolf dies it not only devastates the entire wolf pack but jeopardizes them also. The absence of a wise wolf means the sacrifice of the years of experience, knowledge and leadership ability among the pack. In the same way, when the patriarch or matriarch of the family, or a great leader such as Martin Luther King whom affected change on humanity, and Einstein’s impact on a higher order of thinking, the society suffers. The wolf pack consists of…

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