Essay on Animal Rights: Turning the Tables

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” Many animal activists see a strong comparison between animals used for research or entertainment and slaves (Day, 1994). Every year millions of animals are killed while being used for testing and entertainment. Some may say that animals do not have emotions so using them for these types of activities is acceptable. In spite of that, a huge question that arises is whether or not animals should have rights. This appears to be a controversial topic, considering that some people believe activities such as circuses, rodeos, and testing on animals is completely fine. It is evident that these people are unaware of…show more content…
Force-feeding studies are also done, where the animals are forced to orally take in a chemical. This process is then repeated for up to several months. There are also tests known as lethal dose tests. In these tests the animals are forced to swallow large amounts of chemicals until the scientists discover the size of dose that will cause death ("Types of animal," 2013). One of these experimental tests is the Draize eye test, which was created to assess chemical eye irritation using rabbits. During this test a chemical is placed in one eye and the other is left alone, being used to compare. The rabbit is restrained so it is not allowed to react normally. The animal’s eyes are evaluated within a 14-day span. These rabbits that are used for testing suffer from redness, bleeding, ulcers, and sometimes they are even blinded. During the experimentation, the rabbits are usually killed. Many people have denounced the Draize eye test, because the cornea of a rabbit differs greatly from the cornea of a humans eye, along with the fact that rabbits eyes produce a smaller amount of tears than humans, causing the rabbits eyes to suffer from more irritation. This makes the Draize test unreliable, subjective, and has great variation in its results ("Types of animal," 2013). Another form of experimentation is Acute Toxicity. This test is used to determine the amount of danger
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