Animal Rights Violations

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One major issue that is encountered around the United States and the world is the bitter issue of animal rights violations. Some violations include ignoring the right of hunger and thirst, freedom from pain and discomfort and freedom to express normal behavior. In addition, people and organizations need to recognize and prevent abuse and neglect of animals. Zoo’s force animals to live in artificial life. This focusing more on the main aspect of Animal Abuse in captivity concerning the conservation, attitude and post zoo on top of animal breeding in confinement.
Animals that are put in containment such as zoos and safaris live in restraints in an environment designed for them. Now some may say this is a good thing, but some animals might not be able to cope with these kinds of environments and it could lead to poor animal welfare and suffering. Animals that are put in zoos are taken out of their natural habitat and inquired in a small confined environment. During this procedure animal catchers killed any other animal that got in their way, including the mothers to take their young. Zoos search for babies because they know that they are appealing to the public. The animals that had been taken most die on the long journey back to the zoo.
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Being placed in a permanent enclosure could cause animals to have behavioral changes such as aggression. There are numerous factors that could lead to this zoo keepers could mix sex groups or the group size and space of the enclosure. Zoo animals live a boring and stressful life which is another factor of behavioral change. Stress, boredom and depression are the side effects of most animals in captivity which can lead zoochosis. Some symptoms of zoochosis include bar biting, pacing, rolling, twisting, nodding of the neck or head and swaying “Frustration can cause various abnormalities of physiology and
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