Animal Rights and Laws

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Animal Rights The world has existed with the presence of both living and non-living matter. Human beings have been accorded the right of protection and preservation of the environment, where the animals belong. In essence, humanity is all about coexisting with animals and plants, together with the other non-living matter. With preference of human beings over animals, and with preference of animals over plants, every category higher than the other, is relinquishing the capacity to dominate and coexist with the higher authority. The world is evidently a home to both plants and animals, including the non-living matter. All animals are living. Moreover, all plants are living. The distinction between human beings and other animals has led to the establishment of a code of relationship and use which human beings has embraced over the years. Human beings have dominion over animals. This is in accordance with the innate characteristics and capabilities that human beings possess unlike other animals (Hargrove 168). With respect to this, human beings have often used animals in assorted ways. The many ways that animals are beneficial to human beings has elicited concerns over the rights of animals. Because of this, there is an ethical relationship between plants and animals, together with animals and man. There is a philosophy that human beings are a dominant factor in the environment. Evidently, human beings have used and misused animals as part of the other facets found in the
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