Animal Science Personal Statement

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I have decide to transfer to the University of Massachusetts Amherst because my passion of one on one patient assistance is extraordinarily rewarding. Being that person that can make a positive difference in another’s life is an honor. My Bachelor’s in Animal Science has prepared me for your rigorous program in the sense that they are science based classes. In addition, I travel with my local veterinarian and assist with invasive procedure including: physical exams, which consists of heart rate, bowel movements, Displaced Abomasum check, which is the compartment of their stomach that twists and constricts the function, and respiration. Other procedures I assisted with are ultrasounds, immune vaccinations, and de-horning calves, delivering calves on my own, displaced hips, and castration of bulls.…show more content…
I am a person that can handle an immense amount of stress and handle it very well and can think quickly on my feet, which is why I am the best candidate for your program. In addition, I am exceptionally dedicated to my studies, for example, my senior year of high school my mother suddenly passed away, and after attempting CPR there was no hope of brining her back, I went back to school the next day to avoid falling behind in my classes. Being able to separate home and work and or school is a crucial asset I have that will impact the nursing industry
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