Animal Shelter Reflection Essay

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There is a Pedigree dog commercial I see on television which catches my eye and my heart. It tells us to not pity a shelter animal. When I decided to become a Veterinary Technician, I anticipated working in a vet office. Unpredictably, I changed my mind. Approximately a year ago, I began volunteering for the Denver Dumb Friends League at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock. A shelter is not always the easiest place to work. Nevertheless, I feel it is where I feel most able to make a difference. There is plenty of heartache, but I seem to have a knack for calming and comforting the frightened animals, and that makes me feel good. My volunteer role involves helping with surgery, giving animals their medicine and processing incoming animals. In…show more content…
I get to speak with groups of children and adults about animal needs, safely approaching a strange animal and overcrowding. It is extremely important to educate people about the need to have animals spayed/neutered. I see so many animals unable to find homes because the majority of people see adorable babies and overlook the adults. An effective technique to teach about overpopulation is through stuffed animal kittens. When we visually show how quickly they can multiply, it is easy for people to see why we need to control animal reproduction. When properly cared for, many animals live a long and contented life. Cats can live up to twenty years old, so adopting one who is ten is not too old. I enjoy giving people tours of the Buddy Center and educating about services the shelter offers. In addition to showing what animals need to keep them healthy and happy, we explain how to relinquish an animal. Sometimes tours involve showing animals available for adoption. I love to help with adoptions because people are excited to get a new family member. It is a pleasure to see them walk out of the shelter full of smiles with a clearly delighted animal going home. In spite of all the positives, there are some negative aspects to working in a shelter. It is difficult when animals are scared, and I am unable to help them feel better. Sometimes, animals arrive who have been on the streets and they are in bad physical shape.
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