Animal Shelter Solutions

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Database Design Supplemental Project Book Instructor Version Oracle Academy Database Design i Copyright © 2009, Oracle. All rights reserved. Contents INTRODUCTION IV How to Use this Project Book iv Project Difficulty iv PROJECT 1: DJS ON DEMAND 1 1.1. Introduction 1 1.2. Case Study 1 1.3. Steps, Exercises, and Examples 3 1.4. Solutions 9 PROJECT 2: GLOBAL FAST FOODS 15 2.1. Introduction 15 2.2. Case Study 16 2.3. Steps, Exercises, and Examples 17 2.4. Solutions 23 PROJECT 3: ANIMAL SHELTER 31 3.1. Introduction 31 3.2. Case Study 32 3.3. Steps, Exercises and Examples 32 3.4.…show more content…
The Recycling Center project is rated 4 and provides minimal guidance while encouraging practice of interviewing skills with an outside person, and accurate and creative data modeling. Oracle Academy Database Design v Copyright © 2009, Oracle. All rights reserved. DJs on Demand Project 1: 1.1. DJs on Demand Introduction Difficulty Scale: 2 The DJs on Demand project describes the business scenario for a disc jockey music service. Project Use: Apply The project states the business rules to be basic concepts of considered before designing a database model. No database modeling interviews are required for this project. The goal of Application: Start this this project is to ensure that all students have the project following Section same information before preparing the final 2 Lesson 2. presentation and creating the ERD. Most other projects contained in the Project Book will require students to work on their interviewing skills – since the goal of each database modeling project is to satisfy the clients’ needs. Project success is demonstrated with successful interviews, creative solution creation, and an effective presentation. Since this is an introductory project, most of the entities and relationships in the ERD for the DJs on Demand project are
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