Animal Shelters in Your Home: A How to Project Analysis

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I. Introduction

Caring for animals is the ultimate question in my research paper, this is meant for the people who have taken in a stray animal or two; and who has given love care and support to those needy animals. Whether running a kennel or catteries out of your own home would be the ethical question in detail. These animals will require attention and love and of course money to house these animals. Each and every animal that you would choose to house would bring with them their own certain special attention or needs for their housing issues. If you were to do this correctly and follow the laws and proper care of the animals it will give so much in return. Opening these kennels or catteries will require for being able to interact with the public and maintain proper facilities.

II. Body

1. Ethical and Moral (business startup)

A. Plan
You want to have a plan in place before beginning your business or passion of running a kennel and/or cattery out of your own home.
- First and foremost you have to decide what type of animals you would like to take care. This will depend on what type of licensure you must apply for by the state and our local and county governments. Especially if you plan to host exotic animals you will need a special permit for this type of care.
- How many animals you plan to shelter at a time, in the state of Ohio you are only allowed to house nine dogs at a time (Ohio Government, 2013). You plan to house more animals you might have to look into

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