Animal Suicide Essay

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People think they know all there is to know about human suicides, but in reality they don’t. Because if they did, they would know that they need to study animal suicides to help get a better understanding of human suicides. If people knew about animal suicides they could reconsider what they thought they knew about human suicide, and have a whole new light shined upon the subject. Everyone has these assumptions that people who commit suicide were just depressed, while that is true in most cases sometimes it’s for other reasons like: acts of abuse, madness, love, or loyalty. People acknowledging and researching animal suicide could really assist doctors and mental health experts in the long run by better understanding human suicide, which…show more content…
And all of this information could help teach us about human suicides.
Since people have started learning about animal suicide it has helped us understand more about human suicide. Whether it's a grieving dog, a depressed horse or even a whale mysteriously beaching itself, there is a long history of animals behaving suicidally, behavior that can help explain human suicide, says newly published research. The idea that animals could actually be very good representation for human suicide started to take root in the 20th century. When the feelings of depression, or anxiety, or despair starts to kick in, "You begin to challenge the definition of suicide. The body and mind are so damaged by stress and so it leads to self destruction. In the 19th century, animal suicides were often seen as them escaping abuse, or madness-- the same causes then given for human suicides. In earlier times animals were still used to help define suicide. It is not so much that animals and humans think alike, but that it is, "...a consequence of an extremely serious illness." said by Edmund Ramsden. (“Animal Suicide Sheds Light on Human Behavior”). Which means that both animals and people can have a deathly serious disease called depression. Animals and people can feel the same thing. If you can tell if an animal is happy or cheerful, why can’t we say that an animal is depressed or
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