Animal Tattoos And Tatoos

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Body modification is the altering oof the human anatomy or physical appearnace and tatoos are markings or designs created by pigment instereted into the body. Body modifctaions and tatoos come in differnet forms and ideas all acrosse the world. They are applied in many creative ways. The most commony used form of body modifcation and tottos are for inidividual expression and beuty purposes. People are vale to express them self through these methods. They can use tatoos to on the body to display thier belifs, hobbies, likes, dislikes, such as a cross, quote, object, and more. Tatoos are also appelaing to the eye and are sometimes inserted becaus they are "pretty". Body modifctaion is used similiarly. Some poeple like to have piercings, ears…show more content…
In movies, books, viedoes games, etc. body mofications and tatoos are often used as a way to rperesnet an individual or make them stand out. Some tatoos are actaully be used for a specific purpose such as in the movie Elektra. Chris Ackerman iscoveren in animal tatoos hwihc he is able to bring to life and control. Often tatoos are used to indicate affliations or clans which mebers belong to. In video games elves usually have thier own markings that represent which clans thye come form becsue they is such a diversity of elf types. For example i the game Dragon Age facial tatoos serve an important function in culturals. Dalish Elfves are marked eith inticate taoos represenitng one of the elven pantheon gods, unlike city elves who have none. Tattoos also can be used to indicate a class sytem. Regarding Dragon Age, Dwarves are speperatedd into classes. Noble dwarves have differne tatoos than those of the castleless sytem. S for body modifciation that can be applied to the creation fo animations. Obvioulsy cartoon don't have the sma ereal porotions as a reall huamn. THis can be used to appea to the audience. The same applies to video game chactar cistomazation, which is a form of virtual surgery. The player is bale to creat thier own charcter howver they wish ignoring the ralsitc human antomy. This is also aplied to transofrmations into wervoles, dragins, and so on. To get even deeper with

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