Animal Testing: Alternatives

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Although animal testing was a main component for the facilitation of medical research in the past, it is no longer necessary due to the option of alternate testing methods. Animals that fall victim to the mercy of animal research are subject to experimentation for the purpose of manufacturing harmless products (McKnight 2). Cell cultures, the MIMIC system, TraumaMan, in vitro, and human volunteers are substitutes for this inhumane procedure (Sullivan 4; “PCRM Scientists Educate” 10). Animal testing is a cruel, outmoded method that sacrifices the lives of innocent animals, despite the availability of humane alternatives.
In the twenty-first century, it is illegal for humans to be guinea pigs for research unless they volunteer themselves. On
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The brain of a human is more complex than that of an animal, but the limbic system of the animal brain and the amygdala of the human brain make it possible for both species to experience emotional conditions such as empathy, happiness, and fear. The reaction of fear was evident in the eyes and distress calls of cattle who were being forced onto tables, tortured, and murdered by the Australian experimenters who decided that the cattle had outlived their utility in an uncovered video dating back to June of 2011 (Park 2). In addition, these creatures’ feelings are linked to their facial expressions like humans. According to Nature Methods, the wincing and flinching a mouse displays while enduring the side effects of having its tail seared by boiling, hot water is similar to the pain response of Homo Sapiens (Ferdowsian 1). The sooner people comprehend the similarities they share with animals, the faster animal testing will be terminated for the concept of rescuing their fellow creatures.
In the 1970s, the federal government discovered a case where African American men were exploited in experiments regarding syphilis. The researchers conducting the experiments claimed that Black men were not worthy of living and served a greater good for humanity through experimentation (Rollin 2). This utilitarianism perspective is the most common misconception among those who support animal testing. This perspective is caused by humans adopting the fallacy that
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