Animal Testing And Biological Experiments

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Animals, humans, alike are thinking breathing and emotional creatures that habit this beautiful Earth. Every year over 100 million animals die from animal testing and biological experiments (Peta.) Animals may not be able to reason or talk, but they can suffer. They feel pain and fear similarly to the way humans do, in fact their reactions to pain are almost identical. Therefore should not be taken advantage of or used as test dummies. The consequence of testing on animals for the greater good does not justify the morality of that action. If the consequence is killing innocent animals then the morality of that action is considered wrong. It’s unethical and inhumane to sentence a variety of living animals to a lifetime in a cage while causing loneliness, fear and pain. The pain and suffering that experimental animals go through is not worth the possible benefit to humans. Significant quantities of people are oblivious to exactly how many countless animals are used as test subjects. Over 100 million animals are tested on each year (Peta). This is a massive number that causes numerous animals to be abused, neglected, and in even some cases killed (Peta). The Animal Welfare Act does not protect 95% of animals that are used in experiments. During the life span of the animals they are given drugs, tested on for toxicity levels, and other painful procedures. In toxicity testing, animals used in chronic testing receive the test substance daily seven days a week with no recovery
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