Animal Testing And Its Effects On The Poor Treatment Of Animals

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An increasing number of activists believe that animals have rights. However, this idea is somewhat controversial because animal activists look down upon the poor treatment of animals. They have a fear that animal testing is causing abuse and suffering to the helpless animals. Animal testing is a fairly serious matter because of all of the malfunctions and harm that leads to animal suffrage. The types of animals being used, such as rats, mice,rabbits, and chips are selected specifically for the test that is being performed. The outcomes of the test, depends on which animal is being tested and what it is being examined for. Common tests being used on animals include, medicine for human diseases, cosmetic products and their reactions, and students in training utilizing animals in educational laboratories. Many different types of species are used for testing and experimentation, but the most common types are mice, rats, rabbits, and chimpanzees. Rodents such as rats and mice are commonly used for testing products for many reasons, one being their frequent reproduction. Mice and rats are mammals with nervous systems similar to our own therefore, they are tested and given cancer, tumors, paralysis, and high levels of anxiety and depression in their immune systems. Rabbits are often used in animal testing and experiments because of their mild-temperament and they are easy to handle. They are used in cruel chemical test to study cardiovascular disease, skin conditions, and spinal
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