Animal Testing And Its Prevalence

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I. When I first started wearing makeup, my mom told me that beauty is pain, but it was not until later on that I began to realize the scope of that pain extended beyond the times I would sneeze while applying mascara and accidentally stab myself in the eye. II. Think back to a time where you witnessed the effects of needless cruelty toward an animal and the angry or sad feelings associated with that image. The ASPCA and PETA commercials depicting abused and neglected animals are notorious. I do not see potential for the levels of inhumanity some express toward animals in any of you, but perhaps by buying from companies that support animal testing, an indirect contribution toward needless cruelty against animals takes place. III. Over the past few weeks, I have researched the ethics of animal testing and its prevalence along with alternative methods for determining whether or not a particular cosmetic product is safe. I have enjoyed makeup dating back to my elementary years, and I have maintained an exclusively cruelty-free cosmetic collection since middle school. IV. In the age of technology where production of cruelty-free products is safe and simple, the results from experiments involving animals are flawed and incomparable to humans, and testing is plainly cruel and inhumane, all cosmetic companies should cease the involvement of animal-testing along with an end to the sale of new products that have been tested on animals. Body I. There are many prominent
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