Animal Testing And The Medical Field

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Animal testing began after consumer products caused harm to the buyer. In 1930, a mascara called Lash Lure, blinded many women who used it. In 1937, one hundred people died from a new cough syrup called Elixir (Why do companies test cosmetics or other products on animals? 2013). These are two occurrences that pushed people to use animals for testing product safety. Today, the use of animals has expanded into experiments benefiting the medical field. These experimental animal studies are beneficial to the safety of humans, but animals are sacrificed in the process. Animals are usually killed and dissected at the end of the tests to determine the safety or efficacy of a product or drug. Although animal testing has increased the understanding of medical and consumer issues, the ways these discoveries were made are fatal. As a utilitarian, one needs to consider the benefits and harms of animal testing and discover if they find it ethical. A utilitarian usually would not support animal testing because not everyone included is experiencing the best balance of happiness over unhappiness. The issue of animal testing brings up the question of what animal’s rights are. When evaluating animal’s rights, common questions that come up are: Do animals have instrumental value only? Do they have rights? Do we owe them any moral respect or concern at all? Is it morally permissible to experiment on animals, to raise and kill them for food, to cause them unnecessary pain and suffering? Do

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