Animal Testing : Cosmetic Manufacturers

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Many products that we use on a daily routine have been part of animal testing. Throughout the years this has become a problem that millions of people have been raising awareness for and trying to find a solution to end this cruel act. But is this enough? One of the most notorious users of animal testing is cosmetic manufacturers. Throughout the year 's many cosmetic companies have been trying to transition into using cruelty-free products. For example, Marla Donato from the Chicago Tribune states, "two of the largest manufacturers Avon Products and Revlon recently announced a permanent end to all animal testing by their companies. Mary kay announced a temporary moratorium on practice, and Procter and gamble unveiled a $450,000 grant program to investigate alternative research methods (Donato par.1)."
If there is so much being done to end animal testing, why do some major companies still insist on using this method? The reason for this is simply the fact that every day companies are trying to invent a new product and use new ingredients that have not been tested, and are not known to be good nor bad for humans. When a product has not been tested companies insist that it 's for our own safety and that they must test this new product on animals, killing millions of them in the process. The UK has been working on eliminating animal testing, and throughout the years have actually succeeded (see Fig. 1). If other countries have successfully stopped animal testing, then it shows

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