Animal Testing Good Or Bad

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Did you know that animals die from animal testing? I bet that you thought most animals survived animal testing. But the truth is that animal testing is an inconsistent way of finding cures for harmful diseases and it is cruel to the animals that those cures are tested on, these animals are dying from the world around them. Some people say that animal testing is a good way finding cures to diseases. Here are three reasons that prove their point is wrong, Both humans and animals die from animal testing, Animal testing brings down the economy, and Animal testing is animals cruelty

My first reason is that both humans and animals die from animal testing. Reasons that prove are the a drug that was passed by animal testing (Vioxx) was linked to heart attacks and strokes in 139,000 people. In america 106,000 deaths a year are linked to drugs approved by animal testing. Each year 2.1 million Americans are hospitalized because of drugs or “cures” passed by animal testing. And the drugs that are tested on animals could be fatal or poisonous to them (Peta2). That is the evidence to prove that both humans and animals die from animal testing

The second reason why animal testing is bad is animal testing brings down the economy. For example the government spends millions of dollars on taking care of these animals and most of the time the animals die or escape or die trying to escape and, that’s just stupid to spend millions of dollars on caring for animals that have a higher percentage of dying than living (Murnaghan). And most of the drugs that are tested will never be approved or will be approved and won’t work and kill some
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