Animal Testing In Harry Harlow's Monkey Love

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In Harry Harlow’s experiment in “Monkey Love”, Harlow conducted an experiment on testing monkeys for human use. Harlow wanted to test out different acts on the monkey to see their reaction. He would separate the monkeys from their mom and replace them with a mother made of a soft cloth. The baby monkeys showed all their love to the mother made of cloth because they were empty inside missing their birth mother. Harlow was amaze by the monkey’s reactions on the soft cloth mother. And yet that still did not satisfied him he made it harder for the monkeys when he added another mother who would dispenser milk. As, he did this, this caused the monkey a lot of confusion. The monkeys loved the soft cloth mother and will go with the dispenser mother when they got hungry well they still were holding on to the soft cloth mother. This caused the monkeys to feel discomfort and harm that should have not been caused. Harlow conducted this experiment to test out monkeys for human use. My point is that animals testing is not necessary and will lead to death and unnecessary expensive. These types of testing on animal are cruel and should not be conducted. Many test that have been conducted throughout time has just not work on humans. So, why are the people conducting these test on poor animals? Richard Klausner stated, “we have cured for decades-and it’s simply didn’t work on humans” (Klausner). Which, proves that no matter what the results are when they test the animals, the people will

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