Animal Testing Inaccurate

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Animal Testing Are you allowing yourself to ignore the unnecessary, unethical, and inaccurate experiments and tests that are being done to innocent animals every single day? Scientists, doctors, and other experimenters do physical and mental tests on animals in search of answers. Over time the horrible practices that were, and still are, happening to these animals on a daily bases were slowly opened to the public and it seems like no one wanted to believe it. Slowly these ways are being stopped but there are still labs testing these animals with no sympathy. Animal testing is unnecessary, unethical, and inaccurate because humans are totally different than animals, there are other possible ways to find answers, and the experiments done on…show more content…
Everything around us is continually growing and improving, why can’t our ways of finding answers with experiments change also? Anything is possible and when there is a possibility for animals to no longer suffer for no reason, everyone should be all about it and ready to change! It is more than possible to switch the test’s base from a guinea pig or bunny to a more cell-based experiment, no longer having to use animals (Zerhouni). In Fact, the author even stated, “We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in humans to understand disease biology in humans.” -Dr Elias Zerhouni. Using this way can even be cheaper, easier, and more helpful which some open minded scientists have found (PETA). If we open our eyes it is possible to start searching for new ways and we can make our testing non-animal based. By doing this we would get the same answers just a different way…show more content…
Of the 26 million animals used, 95% of those animals are small rodents, birds, and fish (Listland). Not many higher mammals are used, making this okay in their eyes. Their biggest support for how they feel on this topic are facts that make animal testing look ethical and not as bad, just how the following fact states. “The human population of the United States eats about 9 billion chickens each year or more than 340 chickens for each animal used in research.” (listland). This quote shows not many of our animals are being tested on even though 26 million may seem like a large number. In reality, though, we are eating more than we are testing on and the little ones we are testing on won’t make any difference any way, they can reproduce just fine. Many people have argued over this fact, but a question always pops up and never seems to be solved. Why is it okay for even the little number of animals to be tested on? The small animals such as birds, fish, and mice have a right to live their lives and just because they’re small it doesn’t lessen their importance or tell whether it is okay for them to be tested
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