Animal Testing Is A Global Concern

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Mice, rats, rabbits, fish and many countless amounts of other types of animal species are subjects for many scientific and research based experiments. Figure 1, shows how much of each group of animals are used in the testing. Over 75% of the animals used in research are mice followed by fish, amphibians, birds and the reptiles and other rodents and rabbits are used the less. Animal testing is a global concern that is being faced all over the world. This practice involves the injection of drugs, chemicals and other substances into millions of animals on a daily basis to test for the safety of many cosmetics and medications. (A. & Moran, 2013). In order to determine the safety of the products and medications that are being sold to human, these animals are the centre of the experiments and are suffering from severe pains day and night. Animal testing is happening in numerous places around the world, the tastings occurring in Europe, Canada and the United States will be the focus of this paper. This issue will be further examined in terms of the reasons for its occurrence, impacts and possible solutions and implications to resolve this problem. An example of how and why animals are used in laboratories, the University of British Columbia, in 2012 released the six categories for how they use animals in research (Figure 2). The first category is purpose 0. Animals here are held in breeding colonies. ("The University of British Columbia"). The second category is purpose 1.
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