Animal Testing Is A Waste Of Time

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Imagine that you woke up one morning and discovered that your favorite pet was gone, and later found out that it was kidnapped, sold into experimentation, and later discovered that your pet had died from animal testing. How would you feel? Because according to Daniel Engber in his article “Where’s Pepper?” this happened to a farmer back in 1965 where his dog Pepper got kidnaped and later died of experimentation. As far back as ancient Greek writing we have been testing on animals and there have been strong feelings from both sides. Those who are for animal testing say animal testing has made some great medicines like vaccines for hepatitis B and C. And those who are against animal testing say that it is cruel and inhumane, that there are other methods, and animals are so different that it’s a waste of time and money. It is clear that overall that animal testing is bad because it is a waste of time because animals are very different from human beings, a waste of money because of 21st century tech, and an unnecessary waste of animal life because experiments on animals is cruel and causes animals to suffer so it should…show more content…
For example Dr. Aysha Akhtar in the artificial “Animals and public health: Why treating animals is critical to human welfare” Wrote “Some chemicals that are harmful to animals prove valuable when used by humans. Aspirin for example is dangerous for some animals and was almost shelved because of animal testing results”. Also a June 1, 2006 report on stated that, “ that a sorce of human surrfering maybe the dosens of promising drugs that get shelved when they cause problems in animals that may not be relavent for humans”. That means that animal tests may mislead scientist into thinking that it is a failed test when it may not be a failed test, and that animals are different than humans and make poor test subjects. Human beans are not
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