Animal Testing Is Cruel And Inhumane

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Introduction There is the development of diverse forms of complications among human beings citing the various changes of conditions from day to day. Scientists are charged with the techniques to finding solutions to the complicated health issues facing humans that have no solution. The risks associated with the pursuit of the solution has made the scientists to be cautious of their actions, an action that led to most of them opting for the use of animals to carry out the tests before implementing the solution for human beings. The idea has always served as a disadvantage for the animals citing the pains and strains that they undergo during such processes. After keen observation of the experience of the animals, individuals developed varying opinions of whether to be in support of the practice or against it. Animal testing is cruel and inhumane Animal testing serves in promoting cruelty and inhumanity among the animals. In their operations, the scientists have always exposed the animals to painful processes. As a way of ensuring that the animals are under the desired conditions, the animals are forced to engage in feeding. Moreover, in the testing of the effects of fumes, there has always been forced inhalation in the process. For the average survival of animals, there is always the need for the providence of the basic needs such as food and water. However, the experiences have always been terrible for the animals during the animal testing process; they have always been

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