Animal Testing Is Cruel And Unusual Punishment

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Since the earliest 1970s, there has been an emotional debate over the use of animals in pharmaceutical research. The core question is whether animals have moral rights and if they should be accepted and protected by humans. This is widely philosophical question, but the answer has many possible consequences. For example, if any animal of any species has a right to life, then should it be wrong to kill them? If animals have a right to freedom, then is it be wrong to hold them in captivity? If animals have a right to happiness and security, then is it be wrong to interfere in their natural lives? Animal testing is the most controversial issue in the philosophy of animal rights. Fortunately, there are alternatives that are more effective. While some believe that animal testing is cruel and unusual punishment, others contend that it can help save lives. The animals used in testing for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products are often subjected to abuse and serious injury as a result of the tests. Some animals are left with irreversible harm to the skin, organs and brain, and other usually dies as a result of infections or hazardous products. Undoubtedly, the scientific breakthrough brings great benefits to humans, but this progress has certain limits. Most of society does not justify the use of experiments with humans against their will, although it would mean great progress in the search for new vaccines and therapies. What place should animals have in an acceptable moral
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