Animal Testing Is Inhumane And Necessary

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Strapped down on a cold, metal table with long, coiled tubes injected in and around one's body, watching skin blister from the corrosive chemicals smeared on by humans with no thought of what is being done. The pain is so intense consciousness is nearly lost and at this point, and death seems like the best option. 100 million animals suffer these circumstances each year from drug, food and cosmetic testing in the United States. Animal testing is inhumane and unnecessary for so many reasons.
The harm caused to animals from testing is beyond belief. Animals inhale fumes, are force-fed pesticides, are smeared with corrosive chemicals to their skin and eyes and with no voice to stop it. Those are just a few examples of what animals experience daily. In 1966 the Animal Welfare Act was put in place which was implemented to protect the animals, however loopholes have been discovered. According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an organization which campaigns for animals rights; mice, rats, birds and cold-blooded animals are not covered in that act. Those types of animals make up 99% of that animals that are used as guinea pigs in experiments(Animal Testing 101). With this
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Animals are not a reliable benchmark for testing because animals and humans have a completely different biological make up. In fact, PETA said that 72% of drugs shown to be effective in humans, have a different response in humans or are harmful to the body (Animal Testing Is Bad Science Point/Counterpoint). Disregarding the fact that some animal testing trials make it to human trials about 100,000 humans lose lives each year from taking prescriptions originally tested on animals(Animal Aid). Concluding that even if tests were to be done on animals, the drugs are not always safe, proving that animal testing can take more lives than needed and is horrifically
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