Animal Testing Is Inhumane For Diseases, And Development Of Medical Treatments

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What is animal testing? Animal testing is when scientist experiment on animals to find cures for diseases, and development of medical treatments. Many animals die because of this. Majority of people don’t know what they go through and how the process is done. Animal testing is inhumane for the following: why it is done, how it is done, and when it is done. To begin with, why is it done? Animal testing is done to protect humans from bad products that may hurt them, also to find ways to cure diseases that haven’t been cure yet. 95 percent of mice and rats are used for research. Mice represented the largest increase in research with their numbers going from 1.2 million to nearly 1.9 million in that period. Other animals also saw increases (Qtd animal experiment up to 73 percent, study says). Other animals that are used in research are rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, farm animals, fish, and insects, and also less than one percent cats, and dog’s area also used for research. Another reason is to treat injuries and learn more about the animal bodies to find the similarity to the human body (qtd. animal research). Animal testing is inhumane when testing to protect humans. Some people say testing on animals are life changing experiments and with the help of animal experiment can discover blood transfusion, kidney dialysis, and gene therapy for example cystic fibrosis and types of cancer( Coster 7). Others think experimenting on animal is cruel and they suffer a lot. It is true
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