Animal Testing : Is It Inhumanity Or Science?

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Harjinder Kaur May.17, 2016 Animal Testing: Is It Inhumanity or Science?
The idea of using animals in research has been a widely controversial subject for many years, is it inhumanity or science? Every being holds their own perspective towards animals. They may consider animals as machine-like creatures with no consciousness, while others view animals as spiritual creatures who have feelings and emotions just like human beings. For decades, animals have been used for further experimental research, as well as an advancement for cures and treatments of diseases. Many individuals have opposed the idea of using animals for experiments, claiming that it is morally unjust. Even though, humans have benefited through the use of animals in research, the pain, the suffering and the death of animals is an unbearable sight. Supporters of animal experimentation contend that it is necessary to assure the safety of cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other various products that will affect us, humans. On the other hand, opponents argue that the use of animals for one’s own benefits is not ethically or morally correct. This essay will follow the negative and positive aspects of animal testing, in an attempt to show both sides of the argument.
Imagine being locked up in barren cages, while constantly being poked by a needle without one’s consent. Do animals have rights? In research, animals rights are violated because their decisions are made for them, without them having any
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