Animal Testing: Is It Right Or Wrong?

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The FDA’s “Animal Rule” establishes certain guidelines for drugs that are tested on animals before their approval be cause testing these drugs on humans would be unethical. The Animal Rule “Drugs intended to ameliorate or prevent serious or life-threatening conditions due to other toxic chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear substances… may be eligible for development under the Animal Rule when… field trials to study effectiveness are not feasible.” The Animal Rule establishes what processes are recommended to make sure that the animals used and the experiments conducted are accurate and safe. To make it easier to study certain diseases, transgenic animals have been developed to have a particular gene that Many consumer products and medical treatments are tested on animals before being distributed to the public. Experimenting on animals for various reasons is a practice that has been used for hundreds of years. But is it right? Although many of these experiments have led to medical breakthroughs, a considerable amount of these tests have failed as well, causing unexpected side effects and death. The large number of animals that are tested on each year and the amount of pain they go through is another cause for argument. Animal experimentation has created effective treatments for many different…show more content…
The British Medical Association stated that, in 2006, “At least 250,000 people are hospitalized every year as a result of adverse drug reactions… only one percent of adverse reactions are detected in trials” (Animal Aid). Most drugs with negative reactions in humans passed tests on animal models with no issues. When negative reactions to medical drugs caused by False positive results are tested again on animal models, researchers often find that they can not reproduce the effect the drug caused in humans in animal
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