Animal Testing Is Not Reliable For Finding Cures For Humans

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Different studies demonstrate that animal testing is not reliable in finding cures for humans. Medicines and vaccines that are successfully developed and proven effective in animals such as mice and many primates fail when used in human beings. Medicines and chemicals that are effective in animals end up being relabeled after they produce side effects in human beings that were not observed in animals during the testing. Many of them also become dangerous to human beings. Therefore, animal tests yield little success. This situation makes the testing problematic. Nevertheless, institutions that conduct the testing continue to receive funding from charitable entities and government organizations such as NIM. A possible solution would be to…show more content…
The other one states that animals are not good human related models. Nowadays with all the new technology advances, having animals as subjects for drugs experimentation is not only not human or civilized, but also not ethical and an outdated procedure. Problem Animal experiments have become problematic. Indeed, not only animal experimenters but also the tests results have showed immense failures in achieving their intended purpose. Should the researchers continue with this practice when it is indeed clear that there are new alternatives that can provide the same or even better results than animal testing? These examples exemplify the need for urgency in resolving problems that are associated with animal experiments. Some organizations and medical industries state that many and important human advances wouldn’t have been possible without animal testing and that animal testing is necessary in order to develop new drugs. Moreover, they support this claim by saying that animal testing has been practiced since ancient times and that is because of this that many advances in medicine has occurred. For example, it was because of Galen, a prominent Greek physician and philosopher in the ancient Roman empire that after practicing his experiments. “He concluded correctly that the arteries were filled with blood, not air or spirits as others had asserted before.” Even though animal testing was crucial in order to
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