Animal Testing Is Wrong?

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I believe that animal testing is wrong because, the animals are treated inhumanely. Humans have no right to use animals like they are objects that can just be thrown away like they do not matter. These experiments result in extreme and torturous pain. Animals are brought into laboratories and tested on against their will. An estimate of almost twenty-six million animals is used every year in the United States for scientific and commercial testing. Animals are used to check the safety of product, determine how toxic medicines are, and to develop medical treatment. There are many non-animal test methods that can be used. These methods are more humane, they are also faster, and can be closer related to humans, they can also be cheaper than animal testing. “Huntingdon Life Science (HLS) kills an average of 500 animals each day for tests” (Kinship Circle). Sadly, many different species of animals have to indoor these terrible conditions and painful tests, such as, primates, rats, mice, dogs, and cats. In animal testing primates are treated horrible in laboratories. Primates are sensitive, intelligent, and share many important biological and psychological characteristics with human beings, unfortunately, makes them prime targets for experimenters, who treat them as if they were disposable pieces of laboratory equipment. “At the Oregon National Primate Research Center scientists fed monkeys excessive amounts of food and restricted their movement, essentially simulating the

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