Animal Testing Methods

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Over 25 million animals are used in experiments in the US every year, and more than 170,000 of them are rabbits. Using animals in research is a commonly argued subject, and alternative testing methods now exist. Also testing animals is cruel, and drugs that pass animal tests may not always be safe for humans.
Alternative testing methods such as artificial human skin, can be used to mimic real human skin. This method can produce more valuable results. Artificial skin is grown from human skin cells in plastic tubes. In vitro testing is studying cell cultures in a petri dish. It can be used with human cells, so it applies to real life. Microdosing is injecting an amount of a drug too small to create a significant reaction. This can be done in
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Animals should not have to go through these harsh conditions, when we have other methods of testing. The reason for many of these mistreatments is the fact that these animals have to be paid for and can be costly. Also, some of the drugs that were tested on animals may never be approve or used. Many animals could have suffered or died for no purpose. The test called Draize eye test is used by shampoo and other facial products to test irritation in eyes. This test involves rabbits being paralyzed, then their eyes are clipped open, not allowing them to blink. Then chemicals are dripped in their eyes causing a variety of effects. This is just one of the many painful tests, conducted on rabbits. In others tests, the rabbits aren’t giving any painkillers during the course of the test. Then once it’s over they are
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