Animal Testing On Cosmetics : It's Not Necessary

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“100,000-200,000 animals suffer and die just for cosmetics every year around the world.”( Majority of these innocent animals ends up dying for no absolute reason at all also. Animal testing in cosmetics is a problem all around the world, but especially in the US. These animals need our help. Animal testing on cosmetics is nothing new in the US; animals have been getting tested on since the beginning of time. What’s different about cosmetics testing is that it’s not necessary. There’s no scientific breakthrough from this type of testing, new mascara and eyeliner is what comes out of this. A life is more precious than any form of cosmetics. A cosmetic can be anything from face and eye makeup to hair products and skincare. Every year there are thousands of new cosmetic products out on the market in the US. There are more than enough new cosmetics on the market and more than enough options. America has enough products and doesn’t need to be creating new ones at the expense of more animals’ lives. Animal testing is cruel but also not reasonable. We have the alternatives to shut down animal testing completely and get more accurate results. Animal testing in cosmetics should be a thing of the past but is still a very real problem that needs to be addressed. Companies and the public think animal testing isn’t a real issue and that the results from animal testing is more accurate and safe than the other cruelty free alternatives on the market, although there are…
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