Animal Testing Outline

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Weldon 1
Animal Testing
Thesis Statement: Animal testing is wrong because it is inhumane, costly, and unpredictable.

I. Animal testing is inhumane A. Torture B. Type of testing C. Effect on the animal
II. Animal testing is costly A. The cost of testing B. The cost of research C. What else we could be spending money on
III. Animal testing is wasteful and unpredictable A. Mass Murdering of animals B. Endangered species C. If it works on animals it may not work on humans

Weldon 1
Hunter Weldon
Mrs. Smith
1st Period
Animal Testing Animal testing has been a controversial topic for many generations throughout the world. People against animal testing say that animal testing is cruel and inhumane and
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Animals are also tested with “Repeated force feeding tactics” (11 Facts about….). Repeated force feeding involves forcing animals to eat certain substances over and over just for observation. What is the point in this? Another experiment performed on animals is killing pregnant animals and examining and experimenting on the fetuses. Killing a mother and killing a baby that hasn’t even been born yet is wrong and it should be stopped. Killing an animal for no reason is cruel. That’s a life you are taking away. Just imagine if it was you. Animals should only be killed for food, not to be used for testing. Animals can be burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused as a result of testing. And the list could go on forever. The way animals are being mistreated and tested on should be against the law. There is a different ways to do research other than killing and abusing animals. There are many alternate test that scientist can use to do there research without harming animals. Alternative test are defined as test that use the three “R’s”, a test that replaces a procedure that uses animals with one that doesn’t, a test that reduces the number of animals used in a procedure, and test that refine a procedure to cause less pain to the animal.(11 Facts about…) Animal testing causes millions and millions of dollars to go down the drain each year. It’s a shame to see American Tax payer’s money go to no use. The National Institute of Health holds back 14 to 16 billion
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