Animal Testing

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Every year, millions of animals are killed by the cosmetic companies to test their products. These companies use powerful drugs and lotions upon innocent animals to record the fatal side effects only to repeat the experiment over and over again regardless of the creatures’ pain and suffering. They also give various reasons to justify the cosmetic animal testing. The cosmetic companies claim that they test on animals to establish the safety of their products and ingredients for consumers. These companies also feel that they are safeguarding the environment. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that the companies do not require animal testing for cosmetics and alternative testing methods are available. In
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In addition the cosmetic products that we use, like the eye shadows and soaps, the sunscreen, if not correctly tested may cause danger to human life. Protecting human health is the main purpose of carrying out animal tests. The companies carry out these tests to establish the safety of the products beyond doubts. It is also the consumers who have been pressuring these cosmetic companies to offer safe and improved products.

Argument against animal testing

The critics of animal testing argue based on morality, the necessity or validity of the procedure, and of course the reliability. Like all other living things, animals have the rights to live and we are no one to take away the life of these innocent animals.

The primary tests used to test the products for safety are the Lethal Dose 50 (LD50) test, Draize Test, Skin Irritancy Test, Acute toxicity and chronic toxicity. Kitten convulsing after being doused with a chemical, a rabbit tender skin eaten by the corrosive substance, rats in death throes after huge amounts of soap being pumped into their stomach, a beagle cowering alone in her box like cage. It is just not inhumane, but also sickening to see the terror on the faces of these innocent animals.

LD50 Test

LD50 stands for Lethal Dose 50%, in other words, the dose of a substance that will kill half the test animals. The result is usually expressed as mg/kg. A single dose of the test substance is usually
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