Animal Testing. Persuasive Speech Outline Essay

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Zoee Gaige-Wilson Persuasive Speech Outline I. Introduction Animals can be ferocious and wild, but they can also be gentle and tame. Some are our pets, and some are powerful forces that are to be respected and admired. It is as easy to appreciate a loyal dog as it is to be in awe of a lion in its' natural habitat. But the truth that many people either don’t know or don’t appreciate is that animals are essential to human existence and have played a vital role in improving the quality of our lives. They have been providing us with answers to our most complex medical questions for decades. Their role in finding cures for diseases, treatments for illness, and product safety is immense. First, we will examine how animal testing has…show more content…
Many of the cosmetics that we use every day have also been tested on animals. The number of animals used for cosmetic testing has been greatly reduced as the potential hazards have been eliminated. Products such as sunscreens, anti-dandruff shampoos, fluoride toothpaste, and anti-acne creams could not have been proven safe without the use of animal testing since they contain ingredients that cause a chemical change in the body that could be harmful, even deadly. Without these safety tests, it would be impossible to ensure that these products are safe. You may think of animal testing and picture a wet bunny all beat up and shivering in a cold barren cage. However, this is not the case, for the law requires that the lab animals are housed in an environment appropriate for their species and are well cared for (Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, 2011). Animals tested on in a laboratory can actually adapt with minimal stress and are provided with everything they need by highly trained professionals. Animal care standards in a testing facility are, more often than not, better than those at shelters, pet stores, even farms. However, I do not wish to neglect the test animals’ discomfort, for

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