Animal Testing Satire Essay

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Over the last couple hundred years, this world has expanded beyond its horizons and the new equipment and technology has allowed humans to advance in many areas, but has also damaged the basic ethics and morals of some. Today on television, one will see the over dramatized body spray commercials or the famous celebrity advertising their most favorable shampoo and stating its claims, but what most do not know is that a couple or couple hundred, animals were killed to approve, by law, of that product. This act is called animal testing, and its method is used in many companies for their products to be released. I do not agree with this practice simply because it harms innocent animals for products that we do not need to survive or remain with. I believe animal testing harms and tortures, innocent and helpless animals, by containing them in tight spaces, with chemicals drenched on their skin for several hours to see how they might react or the effects to analyze what worked and what did not work. My claim on this topic is that animal testing should be not be legal in any country or required for products to sell because I feel that their are alternative ways and I see many…show more content…
One solution I have thought about is instead of using living animals, use the remains of dead animals, who died very recently and see if the results are the same. I think this would be successful because we are not killing animals if they are already dead, and we can make use of the dead corpse. I think that with how far we have come in this world, and the improvements we have seen over the past decade, that this is possible, but we are not putting in the effort to change it. I also see many countries, including the United States, in banning animal testing for cosmetic goods, and hopefully proceed and from there until we find an
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