Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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The most significant finding was the amount of animals that are being tested on every year. There are thousands of animals ranging from farm animals to the most commonly used, guinea pigs that have to suffer through animal testing. Even though animal testing has decreased in some parts of the world there is still a lot to improve on to be cruelty free.
The issue of animal testing has been going on for years now and through those years a lot of data has been obtained. A simple way to quantify the results is by the use of charts where it is a lot easier to get a visual of the types of animals that are being tested and the percentage for each one. Before and after comparisons are simple the product is still able to be properly tested for consumer safety with the use of animal testing or the use of an alternative. Which option to use is up to the companies and what they believe will be the safes procedure. The same amount of safety precautions are being met with the use of alternatives, like in vitro. Customers and companies will not have to worry about products being harmful because they will still tested to make sure they are safe. The only difference is that now they won’t have to harm or kill any animals at the cost of having a safe product. Once consumers know that the products are cruelty free they will be more inclined to purchase more hence increasing productivity. For example, companies that do test on animals are losing customers that are against animal cruelty as
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