Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Chimpanzees “used in animal tests can exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition more commonly associated with soldiers who have experienced deadly combat” (“Animal Rights”). PTSD is a serious anxiety disorder that may or may not be treated with several therapy sessions. “More than 100 million animals every year suffer and die in cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics tests as well as in biology lessons, medical training exercises, and curiosity-driven medical experiments at universities”(“PETA Makes Its Case Against Animal Testing”). Alternative testing methods can now be used to replace animal testing. There is absolutely no excuse for using animals for human benefits. Humans and animals are a whole different species. Animals make poor test subjects because of the difference in species. The closest animal to a human is a monkey or chimpanzee but, even then they are still poor test subjects. “Only some 15% of chimpanzee studies are cited by papers describing medical interventions potentially effective in humans. However, detailed examination of such medical papers reveal that in vitro (cell-based) studies, human clinical and population studies, molecular methods and tests, and genome studies, are by far the most important sources of knowledge” (Bekoff). The anatomical differences between the two species make test outcomes unreliable. Even drugs that pass animal tests are not necessarily safe. It may be safe for the creature that it was tested on…

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