Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal testing should be banned According to this website called Animal testing it tells us how there is 95% of our animals being used for scientific experiments. The animals were not protected in any way by the federal Animal Welfare Act, which will exclude any birds, rats and or even mice bred for research. There were cold blooded animals such as reptiles and or even fish from our oceans. I feel as if Animals should not be tested for scientific experiments because, well, why would people want to be so cruel to animals that can not even speak they did nothing to do deserve such cruelness upon themselves. What I am trying to say is I speak for the animals I love animals and their habitats I would never want to go ruin their precious home or even them. Basically if you have ever seen the lorax, the lorax is trying to protect him and his home, so why ruin a animal that has done no harm in the world. Why do scientific experiments on them when you can do it to someone that is your size.I feel as if Animals should not be used for scientific testing. They are basically living things they do nothing they love their home and themselves. Instead we should use technology. It does no harm to the animals or their habitats of where they live. Animal testing should be banned. I think animal testing should be banned because they are living things just like us so the should not be harmed. Now that we have technology these days we should use it instead of harming living

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