Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Mokennon Green
James H. Groves Adult Education
19 May 2017
Animal Testing Should Be Banned
Standard Number: 6.4.A Over 115 million animals are tested in laboratories throughout the United States each year. Typical animals included in these horrific tests include: cats, rats, dogs, rabbits, mice, monkeys, sheep, and birds. Researchers state that about 78,294 animals subjected to cosmetic and medicinal tests face severe pain (PETA, 2017). “Neither Federal nor state law prohibits the transfer of animals to laboratories; they only regulate it” (Favre, 2002). Animal testing is a vile practice of cruelty that is used for testing cosmetic products and research in medicine with regulated inspections; it is often found as unethical and should be
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This campaign is fighting to ban the testing on all animals, promoting scientists to create non-animal tests and educating the consumers to be more aware of which companies do test on animals and which do not. Like cosmetic animal testing, medicinal tests often do not show reliable results; this is because people and animals do not get the same illnesses (Cruelty Free International, 2017). “These sicknesses that are found in humans but not animals are the many different types of cancers, HIV, schizophrenia, the different types of heart disease, and Parkinson’s disease” (Cruelty Free International, 2017). Researchers are wasting time, money, and animals lives subjecting these animals to cruel experiments that show inaccurate results (Cruelty Free International, 2017). Out of the 115 million animals in experiments around the United States about 95% of the drugs tested on the animals fail in human experiments. For these experiments to be performed, about $50 billion dollars are being invested in the research each year (Cruelty Free International, 2017). Scientists have researched drugs for the treatment of arthritis and Hepatitis B on animals before beginning a human trial. For example, Vioxx was the drug created to treat arthritis. At first it was found to be safe when tested on monkeys and other species, but overall it has caused about 320,000 heart attacks and

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