Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal testing is using non-human animals to be test subjects in an experiment. Scientist use animals to try and help find cures for different diseases and cancers in humans. People are against animal testing because everyday animals are dying in a science lab. The laboratory is a cruel place for a innocent animal. The world should be against animal testing because, Animals are different from humans, it can be wasteful if the experiment does not work, alternatives can be used instead of animals and it is extremely inhumane Animals are in their own specie just like humans are their own speice. Animals being tested is considered animal abuse and people should take a stand against it. If it were humans being abused and tested everyone would be against it. The testing animals are forced to live in extremely small cages for their short life span. Animals lives matter just as much as humans lives matter. Animals have different genetic background that makes them unique from humans and other animals. Animals do not get the same diseases as humans and animals do not get many types of cancers, heart diseases or Alzheimer’s disease. Animals are super unreliable sources because they do not react the same to different types of medicines and chemicals. Putting a disease in an animal is not a way to test a medicine to see if it is going to work. The disease does not naturally happen , so it is not a good representation of the disease . “Less than two percent of human illnesses are

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