Animal Testing Should Be Outlawed

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Animal testing is abusive, ineffective, and should be outlawed. The use of animals in life sciences has been in laboratories for over a century. The American Medical Society endorses allowing testing of all animals to create new medicine or treatments for humans. Ever since animal testing has been put into action, many people have expressed their ethical and scientific unease about the experiments. Not only does the procedure cause the creature physical pain and psychological distress, but also it wastes resources. The experiments do not reliably predict human outcomes. Humans have mental capabilities that allow them to think and speak more easily. Animals do not have creative language such as humans but can only communicate within themselves. Therefore, humans tend to communicate for them. Animals are not able to discuss their feelings or pain. They are unable to let scientists know what part of the procedure had gone wrong. Instead, they cry out in agonizing pain. Furthermore, animals and humans do not share the same anatomy. Animals do not get the same diseases as humans. Studying the human islet cells proves that mankind dramatically differs from the animal internal structure. For example, strokes are very common but not within the animal kingdom. In result, scientists attempt to artificially develop a stroke inside an animal and it does not further the studies in comparison to a human stroke. Dr. Paul Bunn, Director of the
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