Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Every year, a multitude of animals of all different shapes, sizes, and species are taken from their homes. These animals are subjected to animal testing, the use of animals in order to gain control over the variables that affect our bodies behavior. People are taking these animals from their homes to research and study things that could easily be tested using alternate methods. So a very important question stands, why do corporations continue to test on animals? Due to its unethical nature, animal testing should no longer be practiced anywhere in the world.
The harsh reality of the pain caused during animal testing is quite hard for some people to bare. Animal testing’s barbaric methods lead to extreme pain for the animals, whether the pain is mental or physical. For example, a large majority of the intelligent animals subjected to animal testing display the same behavioral signs that a tortured human being exhibits (Goodman). These intelligent animals suffer from severe anxiety, depression, hair loss and other physical and mental illnesses and engage in self-destructive behavior such as biting themselves and pulling out their own hair (Goodman). This is due to the emotional and physical trauma that is induced. Martin Wasserman, former Maryland secretary of Health and Hygiene wrote, “Animals used in chemical testing- always alive and fully conscious- are never given pain relief. They’re scalded by chemicals on their skin and eyes, shoved into tubes no larger than

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