Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Animal testing has been practiced since the early 1920s. Animal research is used to ensure the safety of a product before it reaches the general public.These products can range from vaccinations, to the soap in your bathroom. Science has evolved drastically since the 1920s and with that evolvement there are now more cost-effective and relevant alternatives to experimentation that no longer call for the suffering of animals, and do not interfere with animal rights.
Animals are entitled to their own rights. Animal rights are the idea that animals do not belong to humans; they are not for us to eat, harm, domesticate, or experiment on. It is estimated that about 115 million animals are experimented on, or are abused and killed in the U.S every year(Avvo Inc.). Animals may never receive the respect they deserve for their contributions to our lives. Animals die to provide food, clothes, home decor, and experimental testing. We have been violating animals rights as if they were are not in existence. Peter Singer “states the basic principle of equality does not require equal or identical treatment; it requires equal consideration.” Singer believes that people do not have to stop the use of animals completely, but still should be respected and at least have some consideration taken for them. Animals should not be the first option to use in testing when there are many alternatives.
Animal life doesn 't have to be lost in the name of science. There are many alternate ways of…

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