Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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Everyday products are being bought without the realization of the cruelty behind them. Products like cosmetics, post-it notes, diapers, Kleenex, lotions and medications. Like many people, we don’t think twice about animal testing being involved. As long as the item is safe for you to use and works the way you want it to, there’s no problem. Some people may even argue that the results of the experimentation when using animals for testing outweigh the harm to these animals. Unfortunately, for animals they are not treated with respect, because people believe humans are the superior life form and disregard others feelings. Even though many scientists believe animal testing is necessary for research, most tests are not relevant. Many of the tests the scientists perform on these animals are not used for anything further. They are causing pain and suffering on innocent animals that then the results are not used. In reality too many animals go through unnecessary testing which often leads to death. The excessive testing of animals is not necessary and should be stopped. Animals have been tested on for many years, with out the proper regulations in place. Animal testing dates back to ancient Greek times, “Because of the taboos regarding the dissection of humans, physicians in ancient Greece dissected animals for anatomical studies.” (Franco 2). In the 1800s, animal testing was used to assess vaccines for immunizing children. The use of animals was based on Darwin’s theory that

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