Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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For many years, the field of science has used animals in medical experiments worldwide, because of this innocent animals are being killed everyday. They are being tested with new drugs, new treatments, and by many makeup companies. Connecticut recently celebrated the passage of the “Beagle Freedom Law”, a law that requires laboratories to work with charities and rescue groups to find homes for research cats and dogs. Animals are being tested so humans do not have to be but animal tests do not reliably predict results in human beings, although animals are the closest thing to humans. Most experiments involving animals are flawed, wasting the lives of innocent animal subjects. Over 100 million animals suffer a year from testing. Testing animals is a lot more expensive than alternative methods and it is wasting government research dollars. Animal testing is not only a bad idea, but it is also inhuman and it should not be tolerated. The FDA should stop allowing animal testing. An animal does not give out the same results on a test than a human would. Animals may be the closest thing to humans other than actual humans, however they are not the exact same. The results of the tests done on animals might have a different outcome when the test is done on humans. These tests happening on innocent animals will not have the same results as they would on humans. “The FDA reports that 92 percent of drugs approved for testing in humans fail to receive approval for human use”
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