Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned

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” Today, more animals are being used in experiments than ever before: around 100 million in the United States alone” (3). Animal testing is now an international issue, and it is becoming a major story. Currently, animals are often used in medical testing, make-up testing, and other consumer product testing. Animals used in such product testing are often abused and suffer from serious side-effects. Animal testing can be painful for the animals, testing results are usually not even useable for humans, and there are other testing methods available. Consequently, animals should not be used for any make-up products or medical testing. First, animal testing can be painful for the animals and could hurt them. For example, “testing on animals is cruel and inhumane and leads to the needless suffering and death of millions of animals” (4) According to the article this helps to prove that animal do get hurt in testing because most if the animals suffer death after the experimentation. Another example, “University of Connecticut and discovered that there was a laboratory on campus where monkeys were being subjected to invasive brain experiments. The experiments--similar to those currently being conducted on monkeys at UR--included drilling holes into the heads of the primates, injecting their brains with acid, bolting various devices to their heads, and implanting electrodes in their brains and stainless steel coils into their eyeballs. (1) The article is telling people that

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