Animal Testing: Should People Use Animals To Test Products

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Hundred of millions of animals die each year from humans. Human are testing products on animals to make sure they are safe for humans, which is called animal testing. Animals are tested on with medical, cosmetic, and drug products. No country has completely banned animal testing and it is being used around the world. The problem with using animals to test products is it can lead to inaccurate test results and a waste of animal life. Instead of using animals, there are many more productive and safer ways to test products. Human life should use other methods such as chemosynthetic livers and vitro methods instead of animal testing. Many animal species are undergoing testing that is harming and killing them. According to Gale, animal experimentation…show more content…
While no country has completely banned animal testing, laws have been put in place restricting the use. For example, India, New Zealand, The United States, and Israel have banned testing on animals for all cosmetic products. The first organization that was to protest animal experimentation was, The Society for the Protection of Animals liable to Vivisection, which was in England in 1875. Because of the organization that protested, in 1876 England’s Parliament passed the first national anti-vivisection act, the Cruelty to Animals Act. With this law, it required all experiments to have a permit and protected all vertebrate animals. The United States have also passed many laws about animals testing such as The American Anti Vivisection of Society in 1883. It was the first organization in the United States that helped with the issue of animal testing. Some states have completely abolished animal experimentation in schools. While many countries have tried to help stop the progress of animal testing, animal testing has began to grow as the years go…show more content…
Vitro methods are the study of cells and tissues outside the living body. PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have tried to get tobacco and other companies to switch to vitro methods instead of animal testing. Because of the PCRM and PETA, the use of animal testing in tobacco companies have reduced. Vitro Methods also have a quicker process and causes no harm to any animals. There are other ways to stop animal testing such as using computer technology which gives you models to use and results. Using computers is much less cost and more efficient. A final method to use instead of animal testing is using genetic engineering. Genetic engineering can give more accurate results because it stimulates the human body and it’s responses. There are many different methods to use instead of animal testing, and they are much more
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