Animal Testing Speech Outline

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Animal Testing
Attention-getter: Visualize yourself somewhere locked and isolated, whether it is a closet, a cage, or a box. Now visualize yourself being constantly controlled, not being able to choose when to eat, when to drink, or even when to sleep.
Thesis: Animal testing is a heavy topic that usually goes unnoticed. To many scientists, animal testing is beneficial and to society it is morally wrong.
Credibility: After doing our extensive research, we are knowledgeable about animal testing.
Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to discuss multiple perspectives on animal testing.
Invitation: We invite you all to think about the different perspectives and to discuss your thoughts and views on this issue.
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believe that medical testing on animals is “morally acceptable” (
All drugs have dangers due to certain chemicals and substances. Because of animal testing, researchers have found another alternative to testing on humans.
Animal testing allows for scientists and researchers to determine the safety and quality of medicinal treatment before humans take it.
This means that humans aren’t being harmed and more lives are being saved.
Modern surgical techniques were also perfected on animals that helped save many lives today such as hip replacement surgery, kidney transplants, heart transplants, and blood transfusions.

Transition: Although testing on animals is beneficial to us humans, some animals being tested on, go through a large amount of agony and not many realize that.

“Every year in the U.S., over 25 million animals are used in biomedical experimentation, product and cosmetic testing, and science education...” (
All those animals are either held in captivity or euthanized. According to Humane Society International, most animals used in testing are usually deprived of water, force fed, and physically restrained for long periods of time while they are being tested.
Through the infliction of burns, wounds, and side effects, researchers examine the animal to study the healing process, and the infliction of pain to determine its effects and remedies.
An example of one of the treatments used by cosmetic companies is
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