Animal Testing in Drug Industry

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Animal Testing in Drug Industry: Is It Appropriate or Not?

Millions of people were killed by incurable diseases, such as smallpox, rabies, et cetera before the 18th century due to lack of knowledge in developing drugs and vaccine at that time. People caught by the diseases were hopeless because they knew that no one could help them. In the mid 1800s, animal testing was introduced to drug industry by Edward Jenner (Trueman, 2002). His brilliant discovery in developing smallpox vaccine by using animals helped a lot of people and gave hope to the medical field that incurable diseases were not incurable anymore. Although he was not the first man to use animal in experiments, his success made animal testing become commonly used in drug
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Verbal language is not the only means of communication. We can notice a person's emotions without him saying anything because of non-verbal language or body language he expressed. If we can examine body language in human, then we are also able to observe non-verbal language of animals. In accordance to Charles Darwin in his book, The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, many of the non-verbal reactions of human in expressing emotions are identical with those of animals (Darwin, 1873). Thus, there is no reason that one, especially a scientist who has conducted a lot of experiments with animals, does not know whether an animal is suffering from mental pain or not. As psychological pains caused by animal testing offends the tested animals' welfare, alternative methods must be used to replace animal testing.
Animal testing not only afflicts animals being used, but also our society. A lot of harsh protests and terrorism have been done against animal testing. Those actions have caused many public losses. Plenty of innocent people have died; many unrelated private companies have been accidentally involved in the damaging acts, and numerous public facilitations have been ruined in those actions which are usually conducted by animal-lovers organizations. Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is one of the most extreme animal-rights-advocate organizations. According to FBI, ALF has been causing 1,200 vicious acts since 1900 and millions of dollar
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